Lawn Maintenance

Do you enjoy spending time barbecuing with friends or relaxing after a day’s work? Have you considered how important curb appeal is when you sell a home? Let First Impressions Landscaping enhance the beauty of your yard with our maintenance services. 

Lawn Replacement and Maintenance

The friendly staff at First Impressions Landscaping want to be your resource for lawn replacement. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your current lawn or a simple area reduction, our crews are ready to offer you their expertise. You can count on the fact that we will treat you and your property with care and respect.

Water Conservation

Your lawn is the largest user of water and the area of your landscape requiring the most maintenance during the growing season. Water conserving lawn maintenance includes proper mowing, fertilization, irrigation, aeration as well as weed, insect and disease control. With the right care you can have a beautiful lawn while remaining environmentally responsible.


Fertilizing provides nutrients to maintain plant health and growth. Understanding and implementing a well-balanced fertilizer program is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lawn and garden. Factors that will determine the most suitable fertilizer regime are soil type, climate, irrigation, plant types, and for lawns, mowing practices and species of grass. Our staff will determine the best course of action based on a sampling of your soil and current lawn. We will then discuss with you our suggestions and execute a plan to cultivate a lawn or garden you love!


The importance of good mowing practices is often overlooked but has a major influence on turf density, uniformity, aesthetic quality and even the water needs of a home lawn. Our team members are trained in the most effective mowing techniques and practices. 


Core aeration is one of the most important non-chemical treatments for a healthy lawn. Aeration removes plugs of soil from the turf. This process relieves soil compaction and reduces thatching (the build up of excessive unwanted material in your lawn that can choke out air, water, and sunlight) Combined with proper watering and a fertilization program, you can maintain a strong beautiful lawn all season.


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